Koryu Osaka, Roshi 1901-1985

Maezumi Roshi received Inka from Koryu Roshi, a lay Rinzai Teacher and former head of the Shakyamuni Kai. Roshi Bernie Glassman passed his first koan (and next 100 koans) with Koryu Roshi and considers him his heart teacher.  [Koryu Roshi also was of critical influence for Genpo Merzel Roshi coming and staying into the Zen practice (note by Christian von Wolkahof)]

Koryu Roshi succeeded to the Dharma of Joko Roshi, who, distressed by what he saw as the corruption of the priesthood, created the Shakyamuni Kai as a lay Rinzai group based in Tokyo (Hannya Dojo) with a training center on Mt. Fuji (Hannya Fuji Dojo) and asked that Koryu Roshi never ordain.

Koryu Roshi emphasized lay practice, holding monthly sesshin. A few students lived with him including Hakuyu Taizan Maezmumi (during his college years) and Maezumi’s elder brother Hakujun Kuroda Roshi.

Koryu Roshi died on July 27, 1985.

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